Communicating Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

  • Each time our schools are notified of a confirmed case of COVID-19, the building administration initiates our COVID-19 Building Response Protocol in collaboration with district administrators, our lead nurse, and Hamilton County Public Health (HCPH). Part of this includes layered communications to notify families, students, and staff: 

    1. First, the family of the confirmed case is notified by HCPH of the need to isolate for 10 days as well as the date he/she may return to school.
    2. The teacher(s) of the confirmed case are notified individually.
    3. The families of students identified as close contacts are notified of the need to quarantine for 14 days as well as the date he/she may return to school. The same is done for staff who may be identified as close contacts.
    4. An emergency staff meeting is then held to notify all staff in the building that there has been a confirmed case. An email is also sent to all staff at the school.
    5. The families of the classmates of the identified confirmed case are notified that there has been a positive case in their class, but that their child has not been identified as a close contact.
    6. The teacher(s) of the confirmed case is provided with information to share with their students as a second means of alerting classmates of the confirmed case. This also gives students an opportunity to ask questions and voice their concerns.
    7. All families who have students at the school where the confirmed case attends will be notified.

     Due to privacy laws, we are unable to share detailed information about the confirmed case. We have created the COVID-19 Weekly Stats dashboard that is shared districtwide on social media, in the district newsletter, and on our website each Friday. The dashboard includes the total confirmed cases districtwide, new confirmed cases in our district, the number of close contacts currently in quarantine, zip code average, as well as if our buildings will remain open for the following week. This data is provided each Friday and reflects the Thursday-Thursday week ending the day before release.