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    ✪ Special Thanks must be extended to the following people for which without, this event could never have succeeded:

    Jessica Ralston; Jen Shomo; Alyssa Schmelling; Katie Dostal; Sara Sears; Bhawana Vikram;

    Oksana Sergeenkova; Nao Noro; Supraja Kishorekumar; Leigh Grause; Jackie Ogden; Cathy Sadler;

    and all the teachers, families, and students who participated by sharing their culture for this event.


    ✪ The 2021 CHC Cookbook:

    ✪ All winners and participants should have recieved an email! CONGRATS!

    BIGWIN       s 

    Final note: This event has concluded but feel free to get a copy of the cookbook. We hope that this event inspires you to go out and learn more about different cultures and countries. And perhaps, maybe next year, you will join us and submit a presentation of your own. Thank you for participating.


Your Passport

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The Mystery Phrase

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  • WEEK 4 : Jan 24-30


    ✪ France     ✪ Germany    ✪ Russia

    ✪ Turkey     ✪ Ukraine

    ✪✪ Submit your Mystery Phrase to SYAmbassadors@SycamoreSchools.org to be included in the prize drawings!! ✪✪



    WEEK 3 : Jan 17-23


    ✪ China     ✪ India     ✪ Japan

    ✪ Philippines    ✪ South Korea    ✪ Uzbekistan

    Come back next week as we begin the last leg of our tour in Europe!


    WEEK 2 : Jan 10-16


    ✪ Brazil     ✪ Jamaica     ✪ Mexico     

    ✪ Peru     ✪ United States     ✪ Venezuela     

    Come back next week as we visit Asia and Australia!


    WEEK 1 : Jan 3-9


    ✪ Egypt    ✪ Namibia    ✪ Nigeria     ✪ Senegal