Grade Level Teams

  • The Sycamore High School Counselors are split by grade level. We follow a class of students from 9th grade through graduation. Our current breakdown is below. See the pages below for resources, presentations, and information from the counseling teams for each graduating class. 

    Class of 2023: Mrs. Megan Brenner (A-K) & Mrs. Chelsea Rose (L-Z)

    Class of 2024: Mr. Brian Sweeney (A-K) & Mrs. Ann Delehanty-Koenig (L-Z)

    Class of 2025: Mrs. Rose Mitchell (A-K) & Mr. Mark Millett (L-Z)

    Class of 2026: Mrs. Brenda Fisher (A-K) & Mrs. Bonnie Stephenson (L-Z)


    Aves Academy: Mrs. Rose Mitchell (All Grades)

    Great Oaks: Mrs. Megan Brenner (All Grades)

    Department Chair: Mr. Brian Sweeney