Accessing the College Application Manager

  • College Application Manager serves as an easy way to keep track of all the application steps and materials you need to submit to colleges and when you need to submit them, but it is not an application portal. You will need to submit applications using the methods offered by the colleges where you're applying.

    One application method used by many colleges is the Common App. College Application Manager integrates with Common App so that you can complete college applications and keep track of your application materials all in one place. To learn more, see the Common Application Overview below. 

    To Access the Application Manager

    1. Click the Colleges icon.
    2. Then click College Applications.


    College Application Manager Flow

    1. The first time you use the College Application Manager, you will complete a FERPA waiver for SchooLinks.
    2. For each college you'd like to apply to, you'll need to set up an application and its requirements. 
    3. You'll be able to track the status of your application materials on SchooLinks.
    4. After you have tracked your application, you will be able to indicate your application results and indicate your enrollment decision.
  • To start tracking a college application in your College Application Manager, you need to set up the application and add all the requirements. Requirements are things like test scores and letters of recommendation that you have to send to a college separate from your application.

    If you're setting up an application for a school you'll be applying to through the Common App, the setup process is a little different. To learn more, go to Setting up Common App in SchooLinks (you will need to login to SchooLinks to access). 

    Note: You must add colleges to your Final List for them to be on your application list.

    1. Accessing College Application Manager
    From the dashboard, click the College icon on the left navigation sidebar, then select College Applications from the drop-down menu.

    2. Adding an Application to Submission Tracker
    Click on Submission Tracker.


    Select a college from the "Not Started" column


    From here, you will need to complete the following details:

    • Application Method: How you will be submitting this application. Remember, if you plan on submitting an application with the Common App, you should Set up your Common App in SchooLinks first.
    • Application Type: Select the type of application from the list (ex. Regular Decision or Early Action). Verified options will have the deadline filled in. For Unverified options, you'll have to find the application deadline on the college's website and enter it.
    • Deadline: If you selected a Verified Option, the deadline will already be filled in for you. You should still double-check on the college's website that the deadline is correct. If the deadline is not filled in, click to select the deadline from the calendar.
    • Doc Destination: If the college is In-Network, this section will be automatically completed. If the college is not In-Network, you will need to fill in an email or mailing address then enter the destination information. This information can be found by clicking the Application Info link at the top of the page.
    • Program Name (Optional): Only fill in this field if you're applying to a program that requires a different application.

    Click Save Application.


    3. Setting Up Requirements
    Now you will see the college application details page.

    On this page, you will answer the questions to set up the requirements for this application. This will build you a student checklist of what you need to complete for this application.

    Counselor documents will be automatically requested. If you need to add student requirements or request additional counselor documents, message your counselor in the message center. Teacher Recommendation requirements will also be automatically set up for you to request the appropriate number of recommendations.


    Now you'll be able to track your application requirements for that school and your counselor will be able to prepare application materials.

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