Student Profile & Building a Resume

  • What is a Student Profile?

    A Student Profile on SchooLinks is like an online resume. It is a place you can input information about yourself like your strengths, achievements, job experiences, awards, etc.

    The more information you give, the more colleges will be able to learn about you and the more personalized your search for colleges will become. Also, when you send requests for Letters of Recommendation, the people you ask will be able to look at your profile to help them write an awesome Letter of Recommendation for you!

    Note: Student Profiles take some time to fill out. SchooLinks recommends filling out sections in multiple sittings.


    Building a Student Profile (Student Resume) in SchooLinks

    Note: A profile could also be referred to as a resume.

    1. Accessing Student Profile
    To access your Student Profile, click your name/profile picture on the navigation bar on the top.

    2. Building a Student Profile
    There are three ways to edit your Student Profile:

    1. Edit (the pencil icon) - For sections such as headline, objective, top 3 strengths, top 3 achievements, etc, click Edit (the pencil icon) by the section you would like to edit.

    2. Green Change Button - For sections like Goals and Test Scores, click the green Change or Update button to be taken to that page. 


    3. Add New Entry - For sections such as experience, awards & achievements, and education, click Add New Entry by the section you would like to edit.


    3. Downloading a Student Profile

    Note: You should download their profile to use as a resume for job applications, to use as a brag sheet, and more!

    From your Student Profile, click Resume (the document icon).

    Enter your email address, home address, and phone number then click Generate Resume.

    You will receive a notification. Then you will be able to access the download link from Notifications (the bell icon) in the upper right hand corner of the screen.