Letters of Recommendation

  • All requests for letters of recommendation from teachers can be made through SchooLinks. This is true whether you are applying to schools through the Common Application or the individual university's website.

    Choose your application method below to learn more about how to request letters of recommendation through SchooLinks. 

    Tip: It's usually best to personally ask anyone you want to request a recommendation from BEFORE you submit a request for a letter of recommendation on SchooLinks.

Requesting Recommendations in SchooLinks

How to Ask a Teacher for a Letter of Recommendation

    1. Plan to ask well in advance of the deadline.
    2. Ask in person.
    3. Approach individually during an appropriate time.
    4. Provide all necessary information (college name, deadlines, etc.).
    5. Be respectful of your teacher's process.


    Looking for more tips on how to do this? The College Essay Guy, Ethan Sawyer, has a very detailed resource on things you can do to help make this a smooth process and we couldn't have said it better - check it out