• Greene Ambassadors is a group of volunteer parents of E.H. Greene Intermediate students just like you!  We are available all year round to welcome and assist all families new to our community transition to Greene. We offer help to all families with various aspects of school life including enrollment forms, computer systems management, and getting connected with the school community.


    New to the Area? State? Country?

    What clubs and sports are available?

    What is Greene 101?

    504s? IEPs? Special Needs?

    My child has a colored team? What does that mean?

    What are Final Forms?

    How do I get my child an instrument for Band/Orchestra?

    What and where are the local hospitals? 

    I don't know where to start! 

    I don’t speak English!


    If any of these questions sound familiar, we are here for you!  We help EVERYONE regardless of language or age. We also aid those with a language barrier by providing help in a variety of native languages whenever possible.



    • Join our Facebook group: Greene Ambassadors.
    • If you would like to volunteer, you don’t need to speak another language to help! There are many English speaking families new to the area that can also benefit from your knowledge and experience. If you are interested in assisting others, need our help, or have any questions, please contact us at GRAmbassadors@SycamoreSchools.org.


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