Class of 2026 Team

    • The Sycamore High School Counselors are split by grade level. We follow a class of students from 9th grade through graduation. Your grade-level team is below - specific contact information can be found on the Counseling Team page

      Class of 2026: Mrs. Brenda Fisher (A-K) & Mrs. Bonnie Stephenson (L-Z)

Grade 10: Parent Presentation - September 26, 2023

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Grade 9: Starting Strong

  • Here are a few key tips we feel are important to student success in high school:

    • Build Relationships. Build relationships with your teachers, administrators, and counselor in the building by communicating your needs, goals, and plans with them. 
    • Focus on grades. Develop strong study habits and practice them often. 
    • Advocate for yourself. Get help when you need it. Ask questions, meet with teachers before/after class, and stay after school for FOCUS/after school homework help. All of these are ways to bolster your understanding of class concepts and will help your academic success. 
    • Get Connected & Involved. Join a club, activity, or sport at SHS. Meet others that share similar interests. Learn more about yourself and grow as a person.
    • Communicate with family. Talk often with your family about the various opportunities in high school, in the community, and after high school.