2022-23 Healthy Aves

  • Sycamore Community Schools is adjusting its Healthy Aves protocols for the 2022-23 school year based on local health data and new Ohio Department of Health and Hamilton County Public Health guidance for schools.

    These new guidelines align with recent changes from the CDC, shifting the responsibility for risk reduction from schools to individuals. The new recommendations include eliminating quarantines, social distancing, contact tracing, and the state’s Mask to Stay, Test to Play guidelines.

    Close contacts and quarantining

    Close contacts exposed to COVID-19 are no longer required to quarantine. If a student or staff member has been exposed, they will be allowed to continue to go to school. It is recommended that close contacts still wear masks for 10 days.

    Schools are no longer required to report COVID-19 cases to Hamilton County Public Health. Because of the testing and quarantine policy changes, the state is eliminating the Mask to Stay, Test to Play program. Therefore, the district will not be doing formal contact tracing or notifications. This will also eliminate the possibility of having a COVID-19 dashboard available, which was discontinued in June 2022. 

    Positive cases and isolation

    Sycamore students and staff are encouraged to continue using the COVID-19 Daily Checklist and to stay home if sick to lower the risk of spreading infectious diseases. Students and staff who experience symptoms like a cough, fever, or sore throat should stay home.

    Students and staff who test positive for COVID-19 should call the attendance line at (513) 686-1707 to report the absence. Positive cases should stay home for five days. It is recommended that you wear a mask to school through day 10, regardless of vaccination status or previous infection.

    Students and staff members sick with the virus don't have to get a negative test result to end isolation, but it could shorten the number of days they should wear a mask after getting sick.

    Facial coverings

    Masks will be optional for students and staff. Anyone who chooses to wear a mask will be supported in their decision to do so. 

    Monitoring for outbreaks

    Sycamore Community Schools will monitor attendance/absenteeism for potential outbreaks of COVID-19 at our schools. Just like the flu or other infectious disease, the district will consider additional protocols, including closing school for deep cleaning, in the event of a heightened level of absences. The district will also continue to monitor local vaccination rates and health data to inform decisions around additional protocols.