class of 1979 wins best class ever challenge

Best Class Ever Challenge

  • No class is better than yours, right?


    The opportunities and experiences you had at Sycamore Schools helped empower you to reach your full potential in a globally competitive world. No matter where your journey takes you, you will always have a special place to call home in Sycamore Schools. Once an Ave, always an Ave. 


    Can you pay it forward to help us ensure that Sycamore Schools continue to provide meaningful experiences for our students? We are currently fundraising to create new athletic facilities that our students and community deserve. This includes a new natatorium, renovated baseball and softball fields, and completing our multi-use stadium project with fieldhouses for home and visiting teams. To learn more about these projects, click here


    We are challenging each graduating class to raise $2,500 by March 15, 2023. The class who meets the goal first will be formally crowned Sycamore’s “Best Class Ever” and will receive special recognition during Homecoming 2023. 


    You can make your donation via Paypal. Follow these simple steps:

    • Select which project you would like your donation to go towards or select “general fund” and your contribution will go towards the most immediate needs. 

    • Be sure to enter your year of graduation in the “Whom should we thank?” box while completing your billing information so that your donation counts towards the total raised by your class. This step is very important so don’t forget to do it!

    • Share this with your fellow classmates!

    • Click here to make your PayPal donation now!

    We will update the top classes each day on our website. Thank you in advance for your generosity! May the best class win!

Top Five Class Totals

  • As of April 3, 2023:

    1. Class of 1979: $2696
    2. Class of 2002: $1885
    3. Class of 2013: $1179
    4. Class of 1997: $679
    5. Class of 2010: $500
    6. Class of 2005: $440
    7. Class of 2007: $331
    8. Class of 1990: $274
    9. Class of 1998: $173
    10. Class of 1970: $100
    11. Class of 1973: $100
    12. Class of 2004: $50
    13. Class of 2009: $48
    14. Class of 1966: $48
    15. Class of 1969: $48
    16. Class of 2001: $35
    17. Class of 2003: $24
    18. Class of 1996: $17
    19. Class of 2017: $2