Why we Recommend Tracking Your Activities

  • Keeping track of your involvement in school activities, clubs, sports, volunteer hours, and work is crucial for high school students for several reasons:

    1. Goal Setting: Maintaining a record helps you set and monitor goals, such as leadership roles or specific achievements within clubs or sports teams.

    2. Personal Growth: Reflecting on your experiences and skills gained through these activities aids in your personal growth and development.

    3. Long-term Planning: It aids in making informed decisions about your future, including college and career choices based on your interests and experiences.

    4. Resume Building: It assists in creating a strong resume for future job or internship applications, showcasing your commitment and responsibility.
    5. College Applications: Accurately showcasing your extracurricular commitments and achievements on college applications enhances your chances of admission.

    6. Scholarships: Tracking your participation and accomplishments can help you identify and apply for scholarships that consider extracurricular involvement.

    7. Recommendation Letters: A record of involvement simplifies the process of obtaining compelling recommendation letters from teachers, advisors, or mentors.

    With Schoolinks, you can have a record of your different experiences in one place. Follow the steps below to see how to track your different activities. 

How to Track Your Activities in Schoolinks