Apps & Online Resources

  • The Sycamore Technology Department, in conjunction with the Curriculum Department, building administrators and teachers, has developed a list of digital apps and resources used by Sycamore students. The terms of service and data privacy terms and conditions of the apps linked below have been reviewed and approved by Sycamore staff. It is important to note that while students may have access to these apps, they may not use all of them as this will be dependent on each building and teacher. In addition, we believe the internet contains a vast and plentiful number of educational resources and as such, Sycamore teachers are permitted to vet resources on their own and use with students.

    The intent of this list of apps and resources is to provide parents with a view into digital tools largely being used by Sycamore students. It is important to note that this may not be an exhaustive list in order to provide teacher discretion and judgment in resources used in the classroom.