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    Sycamore Community Schools’ Transportation Department is proud to be a part of each student’s school experience and is deeply committed to the safety of each child in the community.

    Sycamore buses are maintained in safe condition and are subject to inspections by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, which Sycamore has passed with a 100 percent rate.

    Welcome aboard!


    Have a question? Contact the Transportation Department at schoolbus@sycamoreschools.org or call (513) 686-1785.

Bus Routes

  • Every day, each bus driver in Sycamore Community Schools transports students on three separate routes in both the morning and afternoon to a total of School Bus seven district schools, four vocational schools, and 19 non-public schools.

    To do this, all students attending Sycamore Community Schools may be asked to travel to a designated school bus stop as described in Ohio Administrative Code.  For Head Start, Pre-School and kindergarten students, a parent or authorized adult must supervise these younger students before the bus arrives in the morning and receive students at the end of the day. Bus routes often have only designated bus stops per neighborhood.

    By consolidating school bus stops, the Sycamore Transportation Department is able to maintain time schedules and demonstrate efficiency and fiscal responsibility.  If every child were to be picked up and dropped off at their residence, the district would have to spend additional dollars in buses, drivers and fuel amoung other items.

Bus Assignments

  • All students are required to ride their assigned bus and load and unload at their predetermined bus stop. In the event a student needs to ride a different bus, or exit the bus at a stop other than their assigned stop, students must obtain a bus pass by having a parent complete and return a Parent Communication Form.

    Bus passes cannot be issued for employment locations, social events, or recreational activities not organized by Sycamore Community Schools.

    For additional information on elementary school of attendance, please call the Transportation Department at (513) 686-1785.