Sycamore Advisory Commission

  •  For 2021-2022, all SAC meetings are planned to be held in-person in the Maple Dale Cafeteria on the second Monday of the month from 7:30-9pm, September-May.  The March meeting date is subject to change due to a conflict with the scheduled Sycamore Spring Break.  The meetings are open to the public.  Only members can vote.  Based on the local health data used by the school district to determine instructional models, SAC meetings could pivot to virtual meetings as necessary. 

     The Sycamore Advisory Commission was established by the Sycamore Board of Education. Its purpose is to support the Board of Education, the school district administrative staff, and the school district in general.  This is done primarily through research projects on topics determined by the administration and the Board of Education and also by serving as a communications link among the Board of Education, school district administration, parent and staff organizations, and residents of the district.  To this end, members of the Sycamore Advisory Commission are kept up-to-date on Sycamore programs and activities and provide feedback from the community and member organizations to the Board and administration.

    Sycamore Advisory Commission members represent area civic organizations, government entities, parent-teacher organizations, the Sycamore student body, Sycamore teaching staff and the community at large.   

    The Sycamore Advisory Commission has been in existence for more than 50 years. Until 2013, it was known as the Sycamore Planning Commission. 

    The role of a member is to:

    • support the mission and goals of Sycamore Community Schools;
    • be an informed advocate for the district;
    • attend SAC meetings
    • notify the Chairperson or Secretary in advance if an absence will occur, and may arrange for a non-voting alternate to attend the regularly scheduled meeting
    • serve and actively participate on one or more committees annually;
    • facilitate general communication among the community and the BOE and administration;
    • suggest needs, concerns, or topics for possible study or programs; and
    • if representing a PTO or a civic/community organization, provide regular updates on the organization’s goals and activities.  

    The Advisory Commission meets on the second Monday of each month, from September through May, at 7:30 p.m. at the Sycamore Board of Education Office.

Seeking New Members

  • Are you interested in having an impact on the future of your local school district? The Sycamore Community Schools Advisory Commission is seeking at-large members.  Any resident of the school district is welcome to apply.

    Individuals interested in joining the Sycamore Advisory Commission should complete and return a Sycamore Advisory Commission application.  The deadline for submitting an application is Monday, March 1, 2021 which is one week prior to the March SAC meeting (March 8, 2021). New members are appointed and approved by the Board of Education on an annual basis. SAC officers are elected and approved annually each spring.

    An application to become a member-at-large can also be obtained by visiting the Sycamore Board of Education Office at 5959 Hagewa Drive, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45242, or by calling the school district at 513-686-1700. 



2021-22 Officers

  • Chair

     Margo Rapp

    Vice Chair

     Paaras Parker


     Maggie Jones-Schradel

    Communications Officer

     Mike Gearin