E.H. Greene Media Center

  • There are approximately 20,000 books in the Edwin H. Greene School media center, with approximately 8,000 of them being fiction. The media center is open 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, during the school year.

    The goal of the Edwin H. Greene Intermediate School media center is to ensure that students and staff are effective and competent users of ideas, information, and literature.

    The media center accomplishes this goal in two ways:

    • By providing access to materials in various formats. These formats include physical books, e-books, online databases, the online card catalog (OPAC), online audio books, PlayAways, CDs, and DVDs. Some of these formats can be accessed by any student or staff member 24/7 from any device/place that has internet access.
    • By providing instruction to the students and staff regarding the use of each of these formats. Students visit the media center once a week for formal instruction from the media specialist while also having time to check out books and silent read.

    To ensure that students are kept abreast of the best and most recent literature, the media specialist does frequent “book talks”, holds two book fairs per year, and hosts author visits with related contests.  Students can read peer reviews of books on Destiny Quest.

Contact Information

  • Parents and students are encouraged to contact the media specialist, Becky Sloan, by calling 686-1750, ext. 2061, or by sending an email to sloanr@sycamoreschools.org.