• School counseling professionals at Sycamore High School provide a comprehensive program of counseling services for students in grades 9 through 12. At SHS, School Counselors:

    • Focus on helping students, focusing on academic, personal/social, and career goals.
    • Provide academic advising and intervention to ensure students are given equal opportunities to be successful.
    • Assist with issues caused by typical life stressors such as grief, relationships, and developmental challenges.
    • Connect families and students with community and school resources to meet their needs.
    • Assist students with post-secondary goals including employment, military enlistment, trade/technical education, or college selection. 
    • Explore interests, abilities, and values to facilitate career development.
    • Abide by the American School Counseling Association's Code of Ethics and rules of confidentiality.
    • Are committed to helping people from all walks of life to survive and thrive in today's world. 

New Students

  • New students need to first enroll in Sycamore Community Schools at the Central Registration Office. Learn more about the registration process hereThe next step is to call the SHS Registrar at 686-1770, ext. 3070 to make an appointment to construct a class schedule. 

How to See a Counselor

  • Students are assigned a counselor based on last names - and continue to work with the same counselor throughout all of high school. View the alphabet assignments and contact information of each of our counselors here.

    • Counselors are available to meet with students throughout the day. Students can see us before or after school, during a study hall, lunch, ACE bell, or during class with a pass from a teacher. Students can always leave a note or email their counselor to schedule a meeting too.
    • Parents/guardians are welcome to call or email their student's counselor to speak with us or schedule a meeting.

    We are here to support our students and their families; let us know how we can help! We look forward to working with you and your student(s) throughout the year.