Blue Ash Wellness Committee

  • Welcome to the Blue Ash Wellness Committee page! We are committed to encouraging Blue Ash Elementary activities that promote exercise, healthy eating, and overall wellness.

    This calendar highlights all activities at Blue Ash Elementary that have a health & wellness component. Additionally, each month we will highlight a wellness topic important to our community. Links to resources will be posted here as well as in the "More Information" section below. 

    November is all about Mindfulness: 

    Mindfulness at Blue Ash Elementary

    What: Mindfulness is: 

    • Intentionally paying close attention to whatever is happening as it is happening in the present moment

    • Observing/noticing sensations, perceptions, thoughts, feelings in non-reactive way even if unpleasant, distressing, painful

    • Acting with awareness instead of being on automatic pilot

    • Mindfulness can be part of breathing, eating, brushing your teeth, feeling your feet on the ground and smelling the air if you’re outside taking a walk, and much more

    Why: It is helpful for our brains and bodies!

    • Learning to be mindful of what’s happening in the moment helps kids make sound decisions rather than be ruled by their emotions. When we’re calm, we can more easily be mindful and make good choices.

    Where: At BAE in the classrooms, media center AND can be implemented at home if desired. At BAE we are incorporating mindfulness into the student’s experience in the classroom with mindfulness activities including breathing and gratitude journals, the media center with the addition of mindfulness related books, on the playground at recess and through yoga for select classrooms within grades.

    Check out some ideas to try out at home, by downloading this Mindfulness Handout HERE.


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