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What is the Synnovation Lab?


    Sycamore High School’s Synnovation Lab is an innovative approach to secondary instruction utilizing personalized and project-based learning to guide the learning process. Utilizing a blended model, this school aims to provide Sycamore students a truly modern, self-paced, engaging and authentic learning experience housed inside the outstanding Sycamore High School.

    The Synnovation Lab truly is a Lab--a place to experiment with sound, research based educational methods to increase student engagement and learning.  

    Our model and methods change over time, but we are focused on three principles:

    • Personalization
    • Community
    • Meaningful Learning Opportunities

Guiding Functions

    • Every child deserves a personalized learning path that supports their individuality and fosters meaningful relationships.
    • Motivation and engagement are the cornerstones of personalized learning. Staff and students will share an ignited passion for the learning they are leading.
    • Authentic learning is a gateway to real-world experiences which deepen understanding; encouraging students to create tangible, useful products to answer real-world problems.
    • Design thinking is an innovative strategy to approach learning and problem-solving to move staff and students towards an action-oriented mindset.

How Is It Different Than a Traditional School Setting?

    • Students have a more flexible schedule on both a daily basis. With this comes greater freedom of choice and a greater ownership of learning. Synnovation Lab students will not have a bell schedule, providing students with the opportunity to create their day as they see fit.
    • A mastery-based grading system is utilized, where students are assessed on the mastery of content/standards. Students will need to meet a minimum expectation of mastery, and once reached will receive either an A or B. Students advance to the next course based on mastery, not a timeline.
    • Students will be enrolled in a Project-Based Learning course throughout the entire year. This course will drive a project inspired by student interest or passion in a particular area. This course was created for students to take part in a meaningful learning process that serves the student, the Sycamore Community, or global society.
    • The Synnovation Lab promotes student’s owning their learning. Teachers are no longer on stage, rather they serve as Activators, Mentors, Motivators and Experts that are there to help students achieve mastery.
    • Students will be required to frequently check-in with Synnovation Lab teachers to monitor progress and achievement.

    For further distinction between the Synnovation Lab versus the Traditional Setting please see the linked document. 


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