Scheduling Process at the High School

  • During the third quarter, scheduling activities take place to assist each student in selecting appropriate courses for the next school year. The steps to the scheduling process are listed below. 

    1. Teachers first meet with students to discuss recommended courses for the next school year. This happens in mid to late January each year.
    2. Several events are held starting in January to provide additional information to families about course options: the Academic Fair, College Credit Plus presentation, Scarlet Oaks field trip (virtual), and Coffee with Counselors. 
    3. Students should also review course descriptions in the Course Planning Guide and discuss options with their families. 
    4. Students follow the online scheduling instructions to enter their class selections online while taking into consideration the student’s abilities and four-year high school plan.
    5. Counselors will then meet with students to discuss and review their course selections and finalize their plans. This happens in February-March each year.
    6. The final step in the process allows students and parents the opportunity to review, correct, and/or change selections. It is expected that students develop a sound educational plan and an appropriate schedule prior to the end of the current school year. The deadline to make changes to requested courses is May 15th of each year. 

Online Scheduling Tutorial

Overriding a Teacher Recommendation

  • In an effort to provide students with opportunities that match demonstrated ability and achievement, teachers recommend certain courses and levels during the scheduling process. Recommendations are based on performance. When a student chooses to take a course other than the one recommended by the teacher, it is critical for the student to discuss the pros and cons of the change and the demands of the course with the high school department chair. 

    To override an initial teacher recommendation, students will need to complete the Course Recommendation Override form. By choosing to override the initial teacher recommendation, the student and family agree the student will remain in the requested course through all of 1st semester before a change of level will be considered. This form must be completed in full and turned in on or before May 15 during the spring scheduling process.

    Virtual students should contact the high school department chair by email. Please copy your parent/guardian on that email so everyone can be part of the conversation about expectations. 

Changing Requested Courses

  • All students must maintain a schedule that will permit graduation and will meet the minimum requirements for college admission. Changes in course requests may be made anytime in the months between the scheduling meeting with the counselor in February/March through May 15. After May 15, all course requests will be locked. The only course changes that will be made in the fall or at the beginning of the second semester will be those necessitated by schedule conflicts, failure of a course or computer errors. Students must make informed decisions about courses requiring summer assignments because these courses will not be dropped at the beginning of the school year due to incompletion of the work.