Counseling Teams

  • The Sycamore High School Counselors are split by grade level. We follow a class of students from 9th grade through graduation. Our current breakdown is below - specific contact information can be found further below on this page. 

    Counseling Assistant: Mrs. Camille Doneghy

    Registrar (Records & Transcripts): Ms. Lynda Kempke


    Class of 2025: Mrs. Rose Mitchell (A-K) & Mr. Mark Millett (L-Z)

    Class of 2026: Mrs. Brenda Fisher (A-K) & Dr. Bonnie Stephenson (L-Z)

    Class of 2027: Mrs. Megan Brenner (A-K) & Mrs. Haley Harris (L-Z) 

    Class of 2028: Mr. Brian Sweeney (A-K) & Mrs. Ann Delehanty-Koenig (L-Z)


    Great Oaks: Mrs. Rose Mitchell (All Grades)

High School Counselors

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