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Sycamore Schools Launches Sycamore Bridges

Neighborhood Bridges logo Sycamore Community Schools has launched a new effort to connects people who need help with those who can pitch in.

The district has connected with Neighborhood Bridges to start Sycamore Bridges, which will bridge the gap between students and families in need and local advocates and donors.

“Our community has a history of being incredibly generous,” said Karen Naber, Assistant Superintendent. “Sycamore Bridges will be a fantastic way to spread kindness, linking those in need with those who want to help.”

Counselors, teachers, administrators, and clergy who learn about needs can post them on the Sycamore Bridges website. Requests can be for anything from financial assistance to clothing, food, and furniture needs. Those who want to help can sign up to fill the needs. It's all anonymous and helping is as simple as clicking a button.

Donors can drop off items at the Blue Ash Fire Station 13 on Kenwood Road or the Montgomery Fire Station on Montgomery Road.

“We want to remove barriers so kids can come to school every day ready to learn,” said Lori Drasnin, Sycamore Bridges Director.

Anyone can sign up to be a donor. Click here to learn more information. Be sure to follow Sycamore Bridges on Facebook and Twitter.