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Sycamore Returns to Face-to-Face Learning on Dec. 7


All PK-12 face-to-face students will be returning to school in-person beginning will be returning Monday, December 7 following a week of remote learning.

Sycamore’s Data Assessment Risk Team (DART), composed of district leadership and local health professionals, have been carefully evaluating our school and local health data over Thanksgiving Break and this week (11/30-12/4). According to our data:

  • Positive COVID-19 Cases Reported Between 11/25-11/29
    • 1 student
    • 10 staff 
  • Positive COVID-19 Cases Reported Between 11/30-12/3
    • 11 students
    • 4 staff 

The self-isolation period for 20 of these 26 students and staff will end prior to our restart of face-to-face learning on December 7. There is no definitive evidence of in-school transmission among our students and staff at this time. 

“Our school data supports that it is safe to return to school next week,” said Superintendent Frank Forsthoefel. “By giving ourselves a week buffer, we have been able to minimize the risk of bringing community spread into our schools. We know the importance of in-school instruction and we will continue to monitor our school data as well as local health data to ensure schools continue to be the safest place for our students and staff.”

The 7-day moving average of new daily cases among residents in 45242 and 45249 is 20.375 That is a 1.75 decrease from the 7-day moving average reported prior to the Break on 11/19. However, it is important to remain vigilant in preventative measures to ensure safety outside of school. This includes avoiding large gatherings, staying socially distant, wearing masks, and staying home when you do not feel well. 

The DART team will evaluate our school data prior to the upcoming break to determine if the district should consider another preventative week of remote learning following the Winter Break. A decision will not be made until closer to December 18 in order to utilize the most current data. We will communicate if there are any changes at that time.