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Sycamore Schools Welcomes Second School-Based Therapist

Sycamore Community Schools is excited to announce the addition of our second on-site licensed therapist to provide access to mental health services for our students.

After an extensive interview process with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Sycamore Schools has selected Lauren Greene to confidentially serve students, and their mental health needs, at Blue Ash Elementary.

Greene brings 12 years of experience in early childhood and school-based therapy to Sycamore Schools. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in 2007 and Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Cincinnati in 2008. Greene most recently served as a social worker, with adolescent inpatient psychiatry, at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

“The addition of Lauren to our school-based team of therapists supports our commitment to the whole child in Sycamore,” said Lisa Zelvy, Pupil Supports Supervisor. “Students struggling with common school barriers such as anxiety and depression can access care in a safe and familiar environment.  With permission from families, teachers and therapists can easily collaborate around practical strategies to increase positive school outcomes.”

Sycamore Community Schools began collaborating in Spring 2017 with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Mindpeace, a non-profit organization that helps align the partners, infrastructure and processes for children’s mental health solutions between schools and local agencies.

Selecting the right candidates for the positions has been a long process that continues. The district plans to add a licensed therapist in each building, starting with the elementary schools. Therapist Jamie Wiener joined the staff at Symmes Elementary in August.

Sycamore’s partnership with Cincinnati Children’s will give students greater access to mental health services. Sycamore students can continue to seek assistance from our highly-trained school counselors and school psychologists. The school counseling program is an integral component of all aspects of our schools, with an emphasis on supporting students’ social-emotional wellness.  However, as the complexity of students’ mental health needs increase, so does the need for more acute care.

The partnership with Cincinnati Children’s and their services do not require any financial support from the district. Therapy costs for students and families engaging in services are covered through private insurance, Medicaid, or private pay options. Mindpeace and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital are committed to assisting families through any barrier to accessing care, including finances.

Parents, teachers and school counselors can make student referrals for service. Students can also self-refer for services. Ultimately, the decision to move forward with therapeutic services is up to the family.  

Children’s Hospital will also work with our staff to ensure proper education and training on mental health services.