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LEGO League Teams Kick Off With Strong Start

Sycamore Community Schools students competing on several FIRST LEGO League (FLL) teams are off to a great start this season.

Green Machine The Green Machines representing Maple Dale Elementary and Legion of LEGOs, a neighborhood team with students from E.H. Greene Intermediate, competed at the Ross Rambotics FLL Regional Tournament on November 19. Legion of LEGOs won the robot game elimination tournament. Green Machines coaches Jeff Crucius and Scott Uhler won the Coach Award. Legion of LEGOS

FLL junior team Knee Bop also competed at the Ross Rambotics Junior Expo. The team including students from Blue Ash Elementary and Maple Dale Elementary won the Creature Craze award for their project, research, and teamwork skills. The team demonstrated research on yellow jacket wasps with a poster and robotic model.
Knee Bop
Four more LEGO League teams will compete at the Cincinnati State FLL Regional Tournament on December 3. We wish the best of luck to the Digibots representing students from E.H. Greene Intermediate and Sycamore Junior High; Sycamore Dragons, comprised of students from E.H. Greene; Blue Ash LEGO Masters from Blue Ash Elementary; and Omegabots with students representing Sycamore.