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Sycamore Schools Unveils Second Semester Plan

At the start of this unprecedented school year, Sycamore Community Schools set priorities to be nimble, flexible, and responsive to ensure the health and safety of all of our students and staff. Our commitment to these priorities remains unwavering as we prepare for the second semester. 

After careful consideration and review of our Healthy Aves 2020-21 Plan, we will move forward for the second semester with no changes to our health and safety protocols, including adhering to the previously approved facial covering policies and physical distancing guidelines of 3-6 feet. We will continue to maintain a minimum of 3 feet distance for students and 6 feet distancing for adults in our buildings. 

When we opened the school year, we asked families to commit to a learning model for one semester. We encourage families to remain in their current learning model for the second semester for stability and consistency in teaching and learning as well as for the safety and health of our students and staff. However, we understand that in some instances, that learning model may not be working for their student. From November 19-30, we will accept requests to change your student’s learning model. We will share a request form on November 19 and will accept all requests submitted prior to the deadline. Families who choose to stay in their current model will not need to fill out this form. Students will be automatically re-enrolled in their current model unless a request form is submitted by November 30. We plan to notify families of their change in status prior to Winter Break.

What families need to know before considering a change in learning model:

  • Your student will have a different teacher from the first semester if you decide to change learning models. If your student remains in the same model and class sizes are drastically reduced, your student may have a different teacher.
  • Approved physical distancing guidelines as approved on July 23, 2020, will remain in place. However, due to the expected face-to-face enrollment increase, we can only guarantee a 3-foot minimum for students. We will maintain a 6-foot minimum for adults.
  • Class sizes may increase but will not exceed typical year class sizes in the face-to-face model or current class size averages in the virtual classroom.
  • Families may need to secure alternative transportation because bussing services will be impacted by an expected face-to-face enrollment increase and likely be capped. 
  • If our enrollment exceeds typical levels at our K-4 buildings, students who request to go face-to-face may be placed in a different K-4 building for the remainder of the year.

It is important for families to review our Healthy Back to School 2020 plan, which will remain the same for the second semester prior to making a decision. Our health and safety protocols as well as our teaching and instruction will remain unchanged. We will provide you with virtual opportunities before the November 30 deadline to have your questions and concerns heard and answered. 


We understand that this school year has been incredibly difficult for all students, families, and staff on top of the anxiety and stress that this pandemic has placed on all of us personally. Thank you for continuing to be supportive and understanding as we considered all options for the second semester. We also appreciate how our students, staff, and families have been so resilient in the face of changes and challenges throughout the first semester. Your willingness to engage, roll with course corrections with sometimes minimal notice, and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. We will continue to do our very best to make the school year a safe, successful, and happy one for all.


Please do not hesitate to reach out to your building leaders or the district administrative team with any questions or concerns you may have.