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Full-Scale Active Shooter Training on July 30

Sycamore Community Schools will be conducting full-scale active shooter training with local law enforcement on July 30, 2022. 

The district along with Blue Ash Police & Fire, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department, Ohio State Troopers, and other local first responders will be going through a realistic, intensive drill at Maple Dale Elementary tomorrow morning.

“Our relationship with our local law enforcement is one of the best in the area,” said David Foster, Support Services Director. “We want them to be prepared to enter our buildings, should something ever happen here.”

Nearly 50 Sycamore staff members volunteered to role play during the event. Officers will be using blank rounds to make the training even more authentic. Law enforcement will have minutes to get inside, identify the threat, and get students and staff out safely. They will also practice the district’s emergency reunification plan for students and families.

“We want our staff to recognize what gunfire sounds like. We want them to think about their options if an armed intruder were to come into their building, whether it be running, fighting, or hiding,” said Foster.

Blue Ash Police began organizing the multi-agency drill months ago.

“We want our community to know that our officers are trained to respond and go in to neutralize the threat as soon as they arrive. There is no waiting for backup. We are going in and saving as many lives as we possibly can,” said Chief Scott Noel, Blue Ash Police.

Sycamore Schools Safe and Secure Schools Committee continues to work with members of the Blue Ash and Montgomery Police, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, and the Symmes and Loveland Fire Departments to improve our safety plans and conduct threat assessments. Additional active shooter training is done with students and staff each year. 

“It is extremely important for our families to know how proactive this district has taken its safety and security measures,” said Foster.