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Sycamore Junior High T-Shirt Project Shirts On Sale Now

Sycamore Junior High School students have teamed up to give back through a collaborative, project-based learning competition known as the T-Shirt Project. Seventh and 8th graders are currently in a fierce competition to see who can sell the most student-designed shirts and give back the most money to their charity of choice.

Earlier in the school year, each language arts class was divided into teams and faced with the task of creating a business and marketing plan and designing a patriotic and Sycamore-themed shirt. They presented their plan and design to a panel of judges representing the University of Cincinnati’s Center for Economics. Gradually through numerous rounds of competition, one team from each grade level was selected to have their shirt design made.  

The teams spent time researching and even volunteering at their selected local charities. Students say project was an eye-opening experience.

The 8th-grade finalist team, The Future, are selling shirts to benefit The Boys and Girls Club of Cincinnati. Their message,
"We care about making a better and brighter future for everyone, even those in less fortunate circumstances than us."

8th grade t-shirt design  

Profits from the 7th-grade finalist team, TABBB Tees, will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Cincinnati. They decided on the charity after learning several members of the team had family members who had been impacted by Alzheimer’s disease.

7th grade t-shirt design  

Watch The Future’s advertisement now.

Watch this commercial made by TABBB Tees.

The shirts are on sale now until February 10. Click here to fill out a Google Order Form. Payment information is included on the Google Form. Orders will be delivered by the end of the month.