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Sycamore Students Collecting Items For Bedtime Bundle Drive

Sycamore High School students are helping local children get a good night's sleep with a new Bedtime Bundle Drive.

Sycamore’s Teaching Professions Academy (TPA) class has been collecting every bedtime essential for a nighttime routine. They’ll donate the new toiletries, socks, kids pajamas to The Lion’s Closet, which helps Cincinnati-area public school students.

Their goal is to collect enough items to fill 30 backpacks. So far, they are about halfway to their goal.

‘‘While these items may seem small to us, getting a bedtime bundle will mean the world to children and will make their day so much better,” said Judy Googins, TPA instructor. “These students are dealing with issues no adult would ever want to try to take on, and by donating simple items we can try to help the struggle they are facing.’’

TPA will be collecting items through the first week of December. If you would like to donate, contact Jody Googins at