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A Tribute to Sycamore's Unsung Snow Day Heroes

Kevin Craver-Chuck Craver-Robert Shaffer-David Davis-David Shadwick-Joe Head-Jeff Hughes-Mark Metzner-Joe Lehnert-Larry Crave When students arrive at school after a snowfall, little do they know that a group of Sycamore staff members spent countless hours making sure all district buildings are cleared of snow and pre-salted to ensure the school day goes off without a hitch.

Long before the first snowflake falls, preparation begins on how the district's Facilities and Grounds Department will tackle the impending weather. Lead by Larry Craver, Lead Maintenance Technician, these efforts include working with city officials at both Blue Ash and Montgomery to coordinate salt supplies for the district as well as the status of local roads. 

On many occasions, these staff members will be clearing lots all night to ensure Sycamore Schools are ready to open in a timely fashion. A 12-14 hour day is not unusual when faced with inclement weather conditions. 

Just this past Saturday, the crew started clearing the lots at 2:00 a.m. for weekend activities at Sycamore High School, Sycamore Junior High, and E.H. Greene Intermediate.

The dedication of these ten staff members speaks volume to their commitment to Sycamore Community Schools. 

A big thank you to Kevin Craver, Chuck Craver, Robert Shaffer, David Davis, David Shadwick, Joe Head, Jeff Hughes, Mark Metzner, Joe Lehnert, and Larry Craver.