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Sycamore Student Teams Dominate At Robotics Competitions

Sycamore students continue to dominate at local robotics competitions.

In FIRST Tech Challenge, three teams with Sycamore students competed at the Van Wert qualifying tournament. All three received awards. Twenty-eight teams total competed.

  • Aves Ablaze, the Sycamore high school team, won the first place Think, second place Design, and second place Innovate awards.
  • PowerStackers, with students from the high school plus additional teammates, won the first place Design award and was nominated for the Promote award. In January,  PowerStackers won the first place Innovate Award at the Cleveland tournament. The team also hosted the Dayton tournament in December, earning it an advancement to state competition.
  • Extreme Robotics, with students from Greene Intermediate School, Sycamore Junior High, and additional team members, participated in the winning alliance and won the third place Inspire and third place Innovate awards.

In FIRST LEGO League, four teams with Sycamore students competed at the iSpace district tournament. Three out of four teams received awards, and one advanced to state. Twenty-eight teams total competed from the Cincinnati region.

  • Cyb3rstorms, representing Greene Intermediate School, won the Gracious Professionalism award and received an invitation to the state tournament.
  • Brick Girls, representing Greene with one student from Mason, won the Mechanical Design award.
  • Legion of Legos, with all students from Greene, won the Programming award.
  • LEGO Legends, with students from Greene, Sycamore JH, and Mason, also competed at the tournament.