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Sycamore Junior High MathCounts Team Adds Up Accolades

Mathcounts Team Sycamore Junior High’s MathCounts team is adding up the accolades.

The team of seventh and eighth graders took home fifth place at this year’s Ohio State Mathcounts competition on March 10. Eighth-grader Kevin Dong was the sixth individual overall.

Over 200 students from 79 schools across the state competed at the event at Columbus State Community College. The competition includes a series of individual, team, written and oral math tests.

To qualify for the state-level, Sycamore’s team first competed at the Cincinnati regional competition on February 27. The four-person team of eighth graders Kasey Lowe, Kevin Dong, and seventh graders Tara Patil, Hari Murali won second place. Dong received third place in the Countdown Round. Lowe and Patil were the top two females in the competition for the second consecutive year.

MATHCOUNTS is a national program aimed at increasing mathematics achievement and prestige among students to encourage their participation in science and engineering.