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Sycamore Tiny Home Project Receives Grant

Spirit of Constructin Grant awarded to Architecture class

Sycamore High School’s Tiny House Project just got a big boost thanks to a local foundation.

The Spirit of Construction Foundation of Greater Cincinnati has awarded $6,500 to the project that is now two years in the making.

Sycamore Engineering and Architecture students, led by teacher Brad Williams, have been designing and budgeting to build a tiny home. The project started last year when students asked to create a floor plan to learn about design and building codes. Students decided to design and build a full-scale tiny home and fundraising efforts began. They created a GoFundMe page that raised $1,900 for materials to build the basic structure.

This year, students have improved upon those plans, consulting with local builders and developers to pick the best ideas and put them together. With the grant, the class will be able to purchase all of the exterior materials.

Students hope to sell the tiny home to a member of the Sycamore community. The money from the sale would go towards future projects. The tiny home will be completed by the end of 2019.