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Musicians Recognized By CSYO and OMEA

Sycamore Schools is thrilled to announce a record-breaking achievement for our students in the world of music! This year, we have a staggering 28 students selected for the Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestras (CSYO), our highest number in recent memory-- and maybe ever!  This includes the Concert Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, and Cincinnati Youth Wind Ensemble:
  • James Bingcang
  • Benedict Cecilio
  • Sophia Cheng
  • Anna Christos
  • Wesley Dentinger
  • Matthew Drasnin
  • Hailey Han
  • Simon Huth
  • Allyson Kim
  • Joshua Koo
  • Paul Ku
  • Julia Lancman
  • Christopher Larsen Rivera
  • Julia Li
  • Brianna Luo
  • Matteo Meli
  • Vivian Niu
  • Norika Oya
  • Rebekah Park
  • Marian Rose
  • Kristen Schutte
  • Evelyn Shin
  • Colin Van Niman
  • Sam Waspe
  • Katherine Wen
  • Howard Weng
  • Jihye Woo
  • Emily Zhao

Two Sycamore Junior High students were also selected for CSYO, a huge accomplishment for these eighth graders:

  • Sieun Ghim
  • Julia Lancman
Several of our students have also been chosen for the prestigious OMEA All-State Ensembles. This year, 7 students have been selected as performers, and 4 as alternates for All-State Band and All-State Orchestra.
  • Benedict Cecilio, viola
  • Matthew Drasnin, clarinet
  • Hailey Han, flute
  • Christopher Larsen Rivera, clarinet
  • Sam Waspe, flute
  • Katherine Wen, clarinet
  • Jihye Woo, cello
  • Asher Berg, bass, alternate
  • Jacob Jensen, horn, alternate
  • Marian Rose, bassoon, alternate
  • Allison Sayles, flute, alternate
Additionally, 8 of our talented students have earned spots in the OMEA Southwest Region Orchestra, a significant step toward All-State Orchestra selection.
  • Emily Zhao, violin
  • Benedict Cecilio, viola
  • James Bingcang, viola
  • Jihye Woo, cello
  • Howard Weng, cello
  • Bailey Hautzenroeder, cello
  • Asher Berg, bass
  • Matteo Meli, bass
We also have three students who have been selected for the Cincinnati Youth Jaz Orchestra, the CSO Nouveau Chamber Players, the Cincinnati Youth Choir, and the May Festival Chorus. 
Cincinnati Youth Choir:
  • Cassiaha Gibson
  • Ella Giesler
  • Sarah Wahlquist
May Festival Chorus:
  • Sam Bringle
Congratulations to all our musical stars! Your hard work, dedication, and talent have shone brightly, and we're excited to see where your musical journeys take you!!