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Sycamore Awarded Ohio Safety Grant

Sycamore Community Schools has been awarded an Ohio K-12 School Safety Grant. The state is awarding the district over $606,000 for safety and security upgrades at our schools. 


The district is one of 624 schools to receive funding as part of the fifth round of the program, which helps schools pay for security expenses. The funds will go towards already planned infrastructure and technology upgrades at all seven of our schools.


“These dollars will help us significantly accelerate plans already in place to enhance and upgrade our safety and security systems and infrastructure at no additional cost to our taxpayers,” said Brad Lovell, Business Operations Director. 


Due to safety and security reasons, the district is unable to share the exact details of what those improvements include. Local law enforcement recently conducted a vulnerability assessment at our schools. The planned upgrades are the result of that assessment. The improvements will be implemented in the immediate future, although they may not be visibly apparent.

“Most of the upgrades are back-end infrastructure and systems that the public will not be able to see, but are incredibly important for keeping our students and staff safe,” said Lovell. “We are thrilled to be able to continue to improve the safety and security of all of our buildings.