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Sycamore Students Earn Superior, Excellent Ratings at OMEA Competition

The Sycamore High School Band, Orchestra, and Choral programs had a record-setting number of students compete in the Ohio Music Education Association District 14 Solo and Ensemble Contest. More than 115 Sycamore High School Band, Orchestra, and Choral students participated in the event.

Thirty-four choral student soloists and three ensembles earned Superior and Excellent ratings at the competition held at Elder High School on January 28. The participants included:

  • Jordan Antczak
  • Maggie Ballard
  • Kyle Ballman
  • Sam Barans
  • Simran Bhola
  • Jeremy Borchers
  • Haley Brennan
  • Bethany Brown
  • Leslie Brown
  • Kennedy Byrd
  • Elizabeth Carl
  • Miriam Chowdhury
  • Eli Cohen
  • Blessed Collins
  • Alexa Cristinzio
  • Mark Decile
  • Nathalie Delgado
  • Anna Enriquez
  • Olivia Eppert
  • Preston Franklin
  • David Freeman
  • Jack Genovese
  • Amanda Geraci
  • Liz Geraci
  • Gavin Gibson
  • Nadia Glover
  • Zarria Gray
  • James Hanus
  • Hikari Hatase
  • Kaitlynn Herzog
  • Madison Herzog
  • Seth Jackson
  • Debas Kanungo
  • Natalie Kerr
  • Hanna Leonard
  • Ally Linser
  • Anthony Lombardi
  • Jindora Lumpkin
  • Christine Macke
  • Kristina Maximova
  • Nick Molenkamp
  • Matilde Mujanayi
  • Sabina Musayeva
  • Calli Osborn
  • Disha Patel
  • Joey Polasky
  • Ty Race
  • Andrew Rines
  • Abby Roof
  • Priya Sakthivel
  • JJ Sam
  • Asalya Samieva
  • Becky Schultz
  • Aidan Skinner
  • Emma Smith
  • Jack Spellman
  • Katie Staffiera
  • Ian Suddarth
  • Henry Sun
  • Benjamin Swart
  • Kirsten Thomas
  • Daniel Torres
  • Emma Traylor
  • Jacob Truitt
  • Timur Tulabaev
  • Michelle Urbina
  • James Wilkerson
  • Josh Williams
  • Bretlyn Yetter
  • Regina Zamudio

In the orchestra category, violinist Myron Williams and cellist Lindsey Brinkman received Excellent ratings for their solo performances. Brinkman, along with violinist Sanjana Sukhavasi also received an Excellent rating as a duet.

Cellists Sophie Burge, Alice Lundgren, and Yuto Nakahata receiving Superior ratings for their cello solos. Violinists Victor Lim, Natasha Wang, Jiin Woo, and Christine Zou also received Superior ratings.

Receiving Superior ratings for an ensemble were the violin duet of SoEun Cho and Christine Zou, violin duet of Natasha Wang and Orchid Wang, and the trio of Natasha Wang, Orchid Wang and cellist Yuto Nakahata.

The following Band students received Superior or Excellent ratings for their solo and ensemble performances:
  • Isabelle Augustin 
  • Michael Xiang 
  • Ellis Simms 
  • Adrian Oliver 
  • Jonah Rosenberg
  • Caroline Skwara
  • Zachary Sheehan 
  • Aria Oliver 
  • Daniel Halstead 
  • Brendan Flanagan 
  • Nishanth Chidambaram
  • Danielle Pratt
  • Maia Davidson
  • Essie Pittinger
  • Claire Minton
  • Katherine Shi
  • Sophia Taylor
  • Alyssa Yamasue
  • Tasia Meaders
  • Essie Pittinger
  • Nicholas Sheehan
  • Eric Moeller
  • Adam Marischen
  • Mayu Fukuda
  • Shruthi Chidambaram
  • Jonathan Chang
  • Ellie Ekstedt
  • James Sam
  • Marie Baldwin
  • Kevin Skiba
  • Diego Palacios
  • Charles Harte

Sycamore Community Schools has been named one of the Best Communities for Music Education in America for the seventh consecutive year. Many of these talented students will be performing at the 55th Annual Fine Arts Fair and Pancake Day at Sycamore High School on March 4 from 8:00 a.m. to 3:15 p.m.