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NHS Students Serve The Local Community and OGB


Members of Sycamore High School’s National Honor Society (NHS) recently completed the Sandwich Project to support the hungry in the local community as well as in downtown Cincinnati.  Over the course of two days, more than 400 lunch and dinner package were assembled and distributed.
The Sandwich Project, originally implemented by retired teacher Tom Bemmes, was created to involve Sycamore Junior High students in a service project.  The leadership team of NHS hoped to extend this idea and create a project to involve members in one collaborative effort. Over 35 members of the organization donated baked goods or their time towards the project.  
 NHS student volunteers
A portion of the donations were given to the St. Francis-St. Joseph Catholic Worker House, an organization downtown committed to helping those in need and feeding the hungry.  The National Honor Society made 200 lunch packages for them to distribute including a sandwich, fruit, and a snack.
“It’s awesome to volunteer but it’s even more meaningful when you can give back to your local community and truly see the impact you are having on kids who attend the same school district as yourself,” Nicole Crone, Sandwich Project organizer, said.
One of the amazing features of the project was the ability for students to give back to other peers in their community through Operation Give Back (OGB).  OGB is a non-profit organization providing after-school and summer programs in academic subjects and life skills for economically disadvantaged children (grades 1-8) in the Sycamore School District.  Furthermore, they have a food pantry to distribute items to the families of these children as well as other local families in need.  


NHS members assembled dinner packages for their food pantry.  Each include sandwiches, mac and cheese, fruit, and other snacks.  The following day, they donated hand decorated snack packages for the kids to eat after school including sandwiches, fruit, and granola bars. The Fresh Market was generous enough to donate clementines to all of the students and families in need at Operation Give Back.Operation Give Back student