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Sycamore Students Participate in Memory Project

Sycamore High School art students recently received heartfelt thank yous for creating portraits of children in Ukraine as part of the Memory Project.

Students received photos of children and teens in Ukraine through the Memory Project, a nonprofit charity. Its program encourages art students and teachers to become connected internationally to children who are the victims of crime or war, disadvantaged, neglected or orphaned.

The Sycamore students then worked to create portraits of these children that were hand delivered to the kids. See video of their reaction to receiving these beautiful images.

The portraits help the children feel valued and important as well as to act as meaningful pieces of personal history in the future. For the students, it is was an opportunity to creatively practice kindness and global awareness.

A special thank you to teachers Elise Williams and Kathy Ferguson, students Jiin Woo, Katie Werner, Shayna Kling, Emily Hartwig, Adhiti Chundur, Michaela Hopkins, Emily Chien, Sadye Goodman, Allison Miller, Hyesung Lee, Melinda Looney Ho, Kiri Wang, Anne Marsh, Miriam Chowdhury, Thea Ferdinand, Allison Ferdinand, Valerie Timofeyev, Brooke Baker, Shayna Kling, and Zoe Bugge.

Since 2004, the Memory Project has created more than 100,000 portraits for children in 43 countries.