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Sycamore Schools Named 2017 Large Business of the Year

Sycamore Community Schools is honored to be named the 2017 Large Business of the Year by the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce. The award is given annually to a local business that has demonstrated outstanding support and involvement in the City of Montgomery.

Members of the Chamber recognized Sycamore Schools during a special ceremony on November 9, citing the district’s steadfast commitment to the enhancement of the Montgomery community and the education of the next generation.

“Sycamore Community Schools is an inspiration to other schools in the community and exemplifies the entrepreneurial and compassionate spirit of our great state and nation,” said Josh Mandel, State Treasurer of Ohio.

Sycamore Schools was founded as a district in 1949, but its roots in Montgomery go as far back as 1812 when the first public schoolhouse was built along Remington and Main Street. Fast forward 200 years and Sycamore’s seven schools are home to more than 5,400 students.

This year, Sycamore High School boasts 16 National Merit Semifinalists, four students with perfect ACT scores, and countless other achievements in Fine Arts and Athletics.

By utilizing financial parameters set by the Board of Education, the district has kept operating increases at less than 1% per year while hiring and retaining the best of the best.

“Our business is serving our students and families so that each child is empowered to reach his or her full potential in an ever-changing world,” said Frank Forsthoefel, superintendent. “We are incredibly humbled and appreciative of this recognition and are committed to continuing to meet the high expectations of our students, our families, and that this community expects.”