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Sycamore Student Dyes Hair For Good Cause

Clinton Beeler A Sycamore High School student is letting complete strangers chose his hair color for a good cause.

Sycamore Freshman Clinton Beeler is partnering up with Building Blocks For Kids (BB4K), a non-profit organization that helps special needs children and their families pay for necessary equipment, therapy, doctor visits, etc. when insurance won't cover it.

Beeler decided to dye his hair a funky, vibrant color to raise money for BB4K. His goal is to raise $300 and to improve and better the overall vision of bringing a sense of community to kids and families that suffer from development challenges.

Clinton has close ties with BB4K because the foundation helped his younger brother learn to live with severe sensory issues and overcome anorexia.

Clinton was inspired to go above and beyond and return the favor to Building Blocks for all they’ve done for him and his family. The crazy part of this plan is that the donors would choose the wild color. As the donations came flying in, so did the color options like blue, green and bright pink.

“It’s so cool! The color of my hair is completely up to the people who donate,” said Beeler. “I'm not really nervous at all. It's something I've wanted to do for a while, although my best friend might give me a hard time with pink hair.”

Clinton has reached his goal of $300, but he’s not stopping. Now he hopes to raise as much money as he can before the end of the campaign on March 1. Click Here to donate and vote on his new hair color! Just type include his name and the desired color.