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SHS Teaching Professions Students School Competition

A group of Sycamore students who are interested in teaching just schooled the competition at State.

Twenty-five Sycamore High School students competed in the Educators Rising state competition on March 15-16 in Columbus. Seven students placed in the top five in their events, qualifying them for the National competition. They are:

  • Aeden Williams: 3rd place in Lesson Plan & Delivery-Arts
  • Kate Willis: 2nd place in Public Speaking
  • Claire Myers and Allie Ross: 2nd place in Researching Learning Challenges
  • Paul Walden: 1st place in Impromptu Speaking
  • Josh Williams: 5th place in Lesson Plan & Delivery- Humanities
  • Aria Oliver: 4th place in Exploring Careers-non-core

Sycamore High school was again named an Honors Chapter. Only 14 schools out of the 62 chapters in the state received this recognition.

All of the students who competed are in Teaching Professions Academy (TPA) program, which gives would-be teachers an overview of what to expect in their chosen field. TPA is a two-year program for juniors and seniors. Students enrolled get hands-on experience, working 120 hours in classrooms across the district.

The national Educators Rising conference is June 20-25 in Orlando, Florida.