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Aves Football Kickers Raising Funds Through Kicking Hunger

Aves Kicking Team

When the Sycamore Aves kicking team take the field, they aren’t just kicking for extra points.

Aves Football Senior Sam Miles, Junior Jack Ferron, Sophomore Sebastian Salas, and Junior Drew Altemuehle are raising money to feed and care for the hungry and homeless through City Gospel Mission’s Kicking Hunger campaign. The team is asking friends, family, and the community to donate money for each point scored this season.

Ferron says any amount is helpful to those in need.

“I want to make a difference and I’m inspired by the work of City Gospel Mission,” said Ferron. “The more people that know about City Gospel Mission, the greater their impact.”

Last year, senior kicker Jacob Hasselbeck raised over $850 for the cause.

“We were fortunate to participate last year and couldn’t be more excited to do it again this year,” said Sycamore Coach Mark Porter.

Kicking Hunger was started in 2012 by Mariemont kicker Hans Hinebaugh. Other kickers have since joined the effort, and in six years, more than $38,000 has been raised. That’s enough to provide a meal and care for more than 19,000 people.