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Sycamore High School Receives Grant for Box Turtle Research

Sycamore High School has been selected to receive an environmental education grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (Ohio EPA).  

The high school will receive $4,600 for a conservation research project on turtles. Students will attach radio transmitters to Eastern box turtles collected in the Benedict Nature Preserve to track their movements.

Students work with mentoring science professionals in field research and data analysis, as well as students from other area schools to extend research being done at the Cincinnati Nature Center. Training will begin in April 2019 on how to use Geographic Information Systems to aid their research. 

The eastern box turtle is considered a vulnerable species. According to researchers, habitat destruction has led to a decline of eastern box turtles. Throughout the past century, the conversion of woodlands and wetlands into agricultural land has extirpated populations where they once existed. The rising demand for the development of suburban areas further exacerbates the decline by fragmenting the populations that are left. 

Sycamore High School is one of six Ohio organizations to receive a grant from the Ohio EPA.