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12 Sycamore Students Achieve Perfect ACT Scores

Top Row (L to R): Sahchit Chundur, Abhilash Yarlagadda, Pierce Ellingson, Grant Bruner, Mohit Dighamber, Laura Mihlbachler Bo

Twelve Sycamore High School students achieved perfect scores on the ACT exam, the highest in school history.

Seniors Grant Bruner, Mohit Dighamber, Pierce Ellingson, Kyra Fales, Max Guo, Andrew Han, Hannah Kirkham, Laura Mihilbachler, Abhilash Yartagadda, and Carolyn Zhang scored a perfect composite score on the college entrance exam. Juniors Sahchit Chundur and Yash Singh also achieved perfect scores.

Less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earn the top score. The average score for the Class of 2018 was a 26.3 for Class of 2018.

Bruner, Dighamber, Ellingson, Fales, Han, Kirham, Yarlagadda, and Zhang were also among the 19 seniors who were named National Merit Scholar semifinalists. These semifinalists scored a 219 or above on the PSAT during the junior year. Guo and Mihlbachler were named National Merit Commended Scholars, placing them in the top 3% of U.S. high school seniors.