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20 Sycamore Students Achieve Perfect Score of 36 on ACT

19 Students Earn Perfect ACT Score Twenty Sycamore High School students have achieved perfect scores on the ACT Exam, the most in school history.

Less than one-tenth of one percent of students who take the ACT earn a 36. Here are the students who earned a perfect score:

  1. Grant Bruner
  2. Sahchit Chundur
  3. Elias Cohen
  4. Mohit Dighamber
  5. Pierce Ellingson
  6. Kyra Fales
  7. Max Guo
  8. Andrew Han
  9. Hannah Kirkham
  10. Daniel Leong
  11. Alice Lundgren
  12. Alicia Luo
  13. Laura Mihlbachler
  14. Norah Pack
  15. Samuel Risma
  16. Yash Singh
  17. Caroline Skwara
  18. Jacob Smilg
  19. Abhilash Yarlagadda
  20. Carolyn Zhang

"We are so proud of all of our students and this is a shining example of some of their hard work. This accomplishment is a credit to the students, their families, their teachers, and our community,” said Doug Mader, Sycamore High School principal. “ Their accomplishment helps motivate other students and staff that remarkable accomplishments are indeed possible.”

The ACT does not keep records of students with perfect ACT scores by school. However, the district believes this is the largest number of students from one high school to earn the top score not only in the state of Ohio but also the country.

“As a district, we continue to examine ways for our students to achieve at the highest levels toward their full potential,” said Frank Forsthoefel, superintendent. “These amazing students have demonstrated their commitment to their academic work and continue to represent the Sycamore Family in the most positive of ways.”

29 Students Earn 35 on ACT In addition, 33 students were just one point off from achieving a perfect score. Here are the students who earned a 35 composite score:

  1. Samuel Barans
  2. Nathalie Bonin
  3. Cameron Boutelle
  4. Alejandro Bresolin
  5. Elliot Carl
  6. Deepto Chatterjee
  7. Foster Dawson
  8. Noah Dinerman
  9. Athena Eborall
  10. David Freeman
  11. Deniz Gorur
  12. Linya Guo
  13. Yuhi Hakozaki
  14. Andre Harte
  15. Shaan Hershey
  16. Ryan Hertlein
  17. Hari Iyer
  18. Takezo Kelly
  19. Anisa Khatana
  20. Kevin Landrum
  21. Youngbin Lee
  22. Astin Lin
  23. Rohan Mathur
  24. Nicholas McDonough
  25. Jason Merkel
  26. Anupama Narayana
  27. Luis Pereda Amaya
  28. Samuel Risma
  29. Griffin Roof
  30. Emma Stemen
  31. Madeleine Weiss
  32. Ben Yuskewich
  33. Christine Zou