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Join Sycamore High School's Warrior Run Team

Join Sycamore Community Schools in the effort to raise mental health awareness by participating in the Warrior Run. 

Sycamore High School’s “Sycamore sAVES” team will participate in the Warrior Run, a 5K race and one-mile walk to raise awareness around social and emotional wellness. The race will be held Saturday, October 5 at 5:15 p.m. at Bell Tower Park in Mariemont. It is sponsored by 1N5 is a local nonprofit organization, committed to stopping the stigma and starting the conversation by increasing awareness and education about mental health.  

All sponsorship dollars raised through the Sycamore sAVES team will be donated directly back to Sycamore for mental health, mindfulness, and suicide prevention programming. Click here to sign up to participate or sponsor the team. 

Sycamore Community Schools has made mental health, fighting its stigma, and advocating for its awareness, a priority among all buildings and within all grade levels. For the entire month of September, Sycamore Schools has been engaging students, staff, and families in important conversations through our #speakupAVES campaign. 

Mental health issues are a drastically rising problem among adolescents. According to research performed by the Child Mind Institute, one in five teens and adults suffer from mental illness and 20% of children ages 13-18 live with a mental disorder. It impacts people of all ages, demographics, and income levels.