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Longtime Sycamore Technology Director Retiring

Longtime Sycamore Schools administrator Bill Fritz is retiring after 29 years of service to our district. 

Mr. Fritz started his career at Sycamore High School in 1994 as a math teacher. During his tenure as a teacher, he expanded the computer science offerings for students to include intro computer science courses and AP computer science. 

In 2001, Mr. Fritz transitioned to the district office as Technology Coordinator and  became the Director of Technology in 2007. As Director of Technology, Mr. Fritz and his team brought a number of innovative solutions to the district, including Blackboard, online learning, districtwide wifi, Google Tools, and Parent Portal. 

He was also instrumental in establishing our 1:1 student Chromebook program, which ensures every student Grades 5-12 has their own laptop and each student Grades K-4 has access to their own Chromebook on classroom carts. He also led the charge for every staff member to have a laptop and an interactive whiteboard in every classroom. Fritz and his team expanded the High School football game experience with instant replays, wireless cameras, and an experience that led to the Bengals employing Sycamore staff to run game day operations.

“Our district is better because of the leadership of Mr. Fritz. He has kept us at the cutting edge of technology and as a leader in the education field,” said Chad Lewis, Superintendent. “Our students have had incredible opportunities thanks to the vision and leadership that Mr. Fritz has provided for the last 16 years. I personally have learned a lot from Mr. Fritz and will continue to connect with him for mentorship and guidance in the years to come.”

In 2008, Mr. Fritz founded Learn21, a nonprofit organization that now serves over 400 school districts in the U.S. and Canada with educational consulting, innovative software solutions and leadership development. Learn21 now hosts an annual edtech leadership conference with leaders from across Ohio. 

In addition, in 2017 Mr. Fritz founded the Ohio CoSN chapter, a leadership and advocacy program to support Ohio technology directors with mentors and professional learning opportunities. He speaks at local, state and national conferences on innovative leadership topics. He also founded the Ohio Chapter Student Data Privacy Alliance to help edtech leaders protect student and staff data and privacy, and Ohio International Society Technology in Education, which focuses on instructional technology support for educators. 

He has served as a member of the Blackboard LMS Advisory Group, the Acer Advisory Council Edtech leadership, the National Trusted Learned Environment Advisory Committee, and a National K12 CTO Mentor. In 2009, he was named in the “20 to Watch” by the National School Boards. 

Mr. Fritz has remained a part of the administrative team this school year, assisting in the transition to our new Technology Director Christian Long, who joined the team in July 2022.