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How will the district address the need for early childhood expansion?

The results of our Phase III Concept Testing showed a great deal of interest in expanding preschool opportunities and the potential for full-day kindergarten in the future.

In an effort to be responsive to the community’s preferences, the Sycamore Master Facility Steering Committee reevaluated classroom space at all four elementary schools to accommodate more preschool opportunities as well as the potential for full-day kindergarten in the future.

By adding classrooms to Symmes Elementary, and reconfiguring classrooms at Blue Ash Elementary, the district will be able to add four additional preschool sections and do so within the cost shared with the community. Sycamore’s preschool program is currently housed at Maple Dale Elementary, which has seen a recent increase in enrollment across all grades. The waitlist for next year’s preschool class is over 60 students.

By moving preschool out of Maple Dale, we will be able to open up more classrooms to accommodate the growth we are seeing there, while also making our preschool program more accessible to our families. Repurposing additional classrooms will also prepare us for a potential state-mandated full-day kindergarten requirement.