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When will the two previous bond issues be paid off?

There are currently two bond issues for facilities in place.  One approved in 1998 supported district-wide facility improvements, including replacement of Blue Ash and Montgomery Elementary Schools.  An issue approved in 2010 was used to replace Maple Dale Elementary. These bond issues will be paid off in 2022 and 2028, respectively.

Taxpayers currently pay 2 mills in property tax for bond issues.  If approved taxpayers will pay not more than 4-point-4 mills in property taxes for all district bond issues through 2028.  Once the 1998 and 2010 bond issues are retired, the property tax rate for the new bonds will be 4 mills for the remaining term of the levy. The district has created two short videos that explain how the bond issue will work and how the millage will be phased in: