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Sycamore Awarded Bengals Fuel Up To Play 60 Hometown Grant

Fuel Up To Play 60 Grant Check  
Sycamore Child Nutrition and Wellness has been awarded this year’s $10,000 Bengals Fuel Up to Play 60 Hometown Grant from the American Dairy Association Mideast and Cincinnati Bengals.

Bengals running back Rex Burkhead, along with WhoDey, the BenGals cheerleaders, as well as members of the American Dairy Association Mideast were on hand for the check presentation on November 29. The Hometown Grant will support both a physical activity and a nutrition plan at Sycamore High School.

Sycamore High School currently has a FitDesk classroom with 28 spinning bike desks for students to peddle while learning. The grant will help the high school host a competition between grade levels as well as a classroom competition to see who can log the most miles. The winning grade level will win a field day in the Spring 2017 and the teacher whose class logs the most miles will receive a spin bike for his or her own classroom.

The grant will also support updates to Sycamore High’s Blended Learning Cafe, which serves smoothies during breakfast. Additionally, the funds will be used to open a ReFuel Station in the Gregory Athletic Center for students to access after school. Additionally, the grant will support a Color Run in the Spring.

In addition to the $10,000 Hometown Grant, Sycamore Community Schools will receive an additional $4,000 of physical activity tools from the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. E.H. Greene Intermediate and Sycamore Junior High each will receive $2,000.

America’s dairy farmers and the NFL established the Fuel Up to Play 60 program more than 5 years ago, which empowers students to eat healthy and be active, is the largest in-school health and wellness program in the country. Fuel Up to Play 60, together with the NFL, developed the Hometown Grant program to identify deserving schools in their community and award them with funds to help meet their health and wellness goals. Since 2014, the program has provided more than 700 schools nationwide with funds and resources, resulting in more than one million students staying physically active and making healthier food choices.

Locally, the American Dairy Association Mideast and the Cincinnati Bengals have provided $30,000 through the Hometown Grant program in the Cincinnati area, including this $10,000 grant to Sycamore High School in the Sycamore Community School District.

Fuel Up to Play 60 is making an impact in schools across the country. In Ohio, about 80 percent of the schools awarded Fuel Up to Play 60 grants have seen increased healthy eating and physical activity opportunities for students. Through the unwavering support from the NFL and America’s dairy farmers, we are working together to help, not only the students in Hamilton County but all Ohio students fuel greatness.