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Sycamore Science Fair Winners Advance To State

Nineteen Sycamore students have advanced to the district science fair at the University of Cincinnati. 

The students received superior rankings for their projects at the Sycamore High School Science Fair on January 27:

  • 7th Grader Dominck Tyler "Trebuchet Physics"
  • 7th Graders Shane Werthaiser, Jeremy Newman, and Kiera LeLoup "Nature vs. Nuture for Hamster Intelligence"
  • 7th Grader Trisha Chidambaram "Worms Diet and Plant Growth"
  • 8th Grader Carissa Lumby "Accuracy of Goal Shots from Different Angles"
  • 8th Grader Claire Atkinson "Rating Readibility"
  • Freshman Aravind Prasad “Novel Design to Determine Sun Protection for Natural Products”
  • Freshmen Govind Nadathurm and Ethan Heist “Zinc Nanoparticles and Antioxidant Levels”
  • Sophomores Hari Iyer and Sahchit Chundur  “Finding the Ideal Environment for Cellulose Depolymerization”
  • Sophomores Rohan Mathur and Daniel Ripberger “Optimizing Trustless Algorithms”
  • Sophomores Shruthi Chidambaram and Debasmita Kanungo “The Effect of Music on Self Efficacy”
  • Junior Swati Bhageria “Self Healing Asphalt”
  • Junior Mohit Dighamber “Optimizing Microbial Bioremediation to Enhance Hydrocarbon Removal”
  • Senior Harsimran Makkad  “Modeling Trancription Factors for Use in the Direct Reprogramming of Cells"

The students now move on and present their projects at the UC Science and Engineering Expo Fair on March 10. Participants will have the opportunity to advance to State Science Day at the Ohio State University in May, as well as the Buckeye Science Fair in April. 

To see photos from this year's science fair, click here.